Needle Cartridges
For Tattoo & PMU

Solong Tattoo Supply offers a wide selection of High-Quality and pre-sterilization Tattoo Needles – RS, RL, Magnum, and other more advanced craftsmanship – Semi-Textured Needles, Super Tight RL, etc.
We Cooperated with more than 200+ online and offline stores and continuously provide high-quality and Customized products.
The OEM & ODM is supported and we have more than 10+ years of OEM & ODM experience, we can guarantee fast manufacturing and delivery.​

Solong Needle Cartridges
for Tattoo & PMU

A part of our tattoo needle cartridges and brands those are hot selling. Contact us for a full catalog and get your business grown.
We support the customization of the Package boxes, needle blister, Cartridge Colors, and Brand logo. Contact us if you want to build your own brand and Enhance your brand’s influence.

CNC Police Cartridge

quelle tattoo needle wholesale

Quelle Premium Cartridges

rhein tattoo needle brands for wholesale

RHEIN Close Taper Cartridges

Solong Pearly Needle Cartridge

Solong InkFlow Cartridge

stigma rotary tattoo needle cartridge wholesale

Stigma Royal Blue Cartridge

Solong Pearly Needle Cartridge



Solong Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Solong Supply can ensure every needle cartridge from our factory is intact, well pre-sterilized, and can help the tattoo artists to finish any tattoo design.

Super Smooth

Each needle goes through a 10-step inspection process before it is packaged to ensure its smoothness and integrity.

wide configuration

Needle configuration from Round Liner, Round Shader, Round Magnum, Waved Magnum, Flat Needle, etc. The needle gauge includes Bugpin, Double Zeros and Standard gauge.


Membranes prevent ink and blood from backflowing into the grip of your tattoo machine and causing cross-contamination. This makes it a lot easier to sterilize your grip after tattoos.


Customers can customize for your own brand to the greatest extent. You can contact our experts to change the color and packaging of your cartridges, to print your own logo. Or you can even design your product model.

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Why Choose Solong Tattoo Cartridges

Partnered with many industrial businesses from around the globe, Solong® has a reputation of being one of the best Tattoo suppliers for many years. We have a reputation of delivering exceptional products that aids personal service and production requirements of all sizes. We create our needle cartridges to match both custom and standard applications. 

The needle configuration covers all the major types from body tattoo to PMU use.

Our customers and clients have trusted us for years due to our efficient response to their demands, quality requirements, and our very expertise in the field of tattoo needle manufacturing and customization.

Customer Support

We have 24/7 online customer support team, helpping you solve any problem about our products.

Service Coverage

Solong® operates globally. We cover different regions from USA, Europe, Asia, and more.


Solong® Tattoo Serve Wholesaler & brands Owner has over 10 years of field expertise and experience.

Cost Saver

The company innovates to both custom and conventional demands creating cost-saving solutions.


Product Warranty applies to all products under Solong Tattoo for risk-free purchases.

What Our Clients Say!

I waste so much time negotiating with the Tattoo Trader about the price and quality problem. But luckily, I found Solong Tattoo Supply. It’s always a happy experience for their generosity and service. Why not cooperate with the Tattoo factory?
Even though my compliments would have brought me competition, I did so because I felt they were worth it.

CEO, Online Store

In my honest opinion about the machines from Solong, I love those great works! Solong provide a wide selection for my business from shading to lining and color packing. My clients love how easy they are to use and how true of a fantastic quality should be. Thank you guys for making a great piece of art-making machines and cartridges! 

Sketch(United States)

Tattoo Supply Shop Owner

When the staff at Solong invited me to comment on their business, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Because sourcing from here gives you higher profits and more consistent product quality and return guarantee, which is the most gratifying aspect for me. I am always the first to buy the new products they launch, and my past experience tells me that I can get success from Solong, a reputed brand and company which is the best interpretation of win-win.

Stella Alba

CEO, Tattoo Business

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