Solong CNC WE Plus Version Wireless Tattoo Pen

Our latest creation – CNC X-WE Plus. The wireless tattoo machine CNC-X-WE PLUS designed and manufactured by CNC pro team is based on the first-generation wireless tattoo machine X-WE. CNC-X-WE Plus has ingenious improvements in various aspects.

X-WE PLUS uses a modular design like CNC-X-WE. To make tattoo artists more easily control the machine, we add a new wireless foot switch pedal in the package. For those who have already had the X-WE, we also prepared the upgrade package suit(2 batteries with digital display + 1 wireless foot pedal + 2 stroke cams).

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All-round Upgrade

  • Battery Capacity upgraded to 1000mAh with overload and short-circuits protection and High-resolution digital display screen. LED Display Voltage is helpful for accurate voltage adjustment and a better operation experience. The minimum controllable voltage is 0.1v.  ​In addition, the press button screen helps with the sensitive reactions when tattooing.
  • A Customized wireless foot pedal for WE Plus, quick link pairing. Perform the work comfortably and efficiently. Workplace safety is always a priority and fewer cables mean fewer trip hazards and a safer work environment.
  • More precise drive system upgrade. Based on our many years’ tattoo machine experience, we offer tattoo artists a customized motor with a more precise, longer-lasting, and lower vibration motor X-II.
  • Mechanical structure optimization. To meet the maintenance and sterilization requirements, our R&D engineer redesigns the mechanical structure to make it running efficiently and easy to sterilize.
  • More stroke length choices – 2 more strokes included in the package 3.0mm & 4.0mm stroke cams. That means you have 3 options including the originally installed strokes.

Our Features and Advantages

Solong tattoo supply engages in tattoo machines and tattoo needle cartridges development and research for more than 10 Years. We use the best material and technology in the industry and are manned by the best professionals today.

We also cooperate with Youtube celebrities and professional tattooists worldwide to test, review and promote our products. We’ve build a fast-response mechanism based on our powerful manufacturing ability. 

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