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ISO Certification

The company is certified under the international quality management standard of ISO9001.2015

Powerful capability of OEM and ODM

Your unique requirement for tattoo supply can be privately labeled and customized.

2000+ Selection

We offer an extensive lines of tattoo supply in the market, our catalog over 2000 units ready to shipment.

12 month Quality Assurance

Protected under the company’s 12-month warranty period for more secure and hassle-free purchase

New Products

cnc tattoo machine we plus for wholesale

Solong CNC WE PLUS Wireless Tattoo Pen

Launched on Aug-2021. The most featured wireless tattoo machine fron CNC Tattoo Supply. Tested & Reviewed by Professional Artists, such as Art-Something, Jason Ramos, etc.

Solong CNC P6 Short Tattoo Pen

Another masterpiece designed and manufactured by Solong R&D team. The first batch is 1000 pieces. Now all sold out. The most featured stroke adjustable tattoo pen 2021.

Solong Rhein PMU Tattoo Machine RITA

The all arounder wireless permanent makeup machine. Machine stroke is 2.2mm best for eyeliner, lips and hair tattoo. And it also can be used for some body tattoo style.


solong dual control PMU machine sky

This dual control permanent makeup machine can be used with a cord or wireless battery. Extend the possiblity of manoeuvring.
pmu supply wholesale


2 Wireless batteries are prepared for artists. The VEGA PMU machine can be used for hair tattooing, lip, eyeliner easily. The cartridge slot is the common size for most cartridges.
pmu tattoo supply wholesale machine


The Charmeprincesse Mercury Pen is famous for precise gauge control. Perfect for small, delicate tattoos.

Needle Cartridges

CNC Police Needle Cartridges

CNC Police is our latest launched needle cartridge series. In the past weeks, more than 50+ partners ordered it for it's stablility, consisency and comfortability when using.
quelle tattoo needle wholesale

Quelle PMU and Tattoo needle Cartridge

Quelle is an innovator for user-friendly, comfortable and safe solutions when it comes to high end tattoo needle. The Quelle PMU cartridge can fit most PMU machines on the market.

Charme Princesse PMU Soft Membrance Cartridge

Solong has established a reputation for manufacturing some of the best PMU cartridges around, with razor-sharp, flexible long taper needles that are grouped together with the highest possible precision.

Our Certificates

FDA considers the inks, needle cartridges, traditional tattoo needle used in intradermal tattoos, including permanent makeup, to be cosmetics. That’s why the verified tattoo manufacturer is so important for the clients. Solong Tattoo Wholesale for tattoos has all the certificates that the US and European governments require. 

Choosing Solong tattoo will give you full assurance of the safety of tattoo products, as well as compliance with the various certificates requirements by your local goverment.

our certificate

Our Features and Advantages

Solong tattoo supply engages in tattoo machines and tattoo needle cartridges development and research for more than 10 Years. We use the best material and technology in the industry and are manned by the best professionals today.

We also cooperate with Youtube celebrities and professional tattooists worldwide to test, review and promote our products. We’ve build a fast-response mechanism based on our powerful manufacturing ability. 

About Solong Tattoo Supply

Solong Tattoo Supply is proud to provide you with an extensive line of tattoo Products. Our catalog nearly has everything that professionals need in their shops. Get your products from the original source factory, and improve your profit.

Vi förstår vikten av att hålla dig uppdaterad med de senaste trenderna, därför ser vi till att ta med nya casinon inspirerade produkter som kommer att lyfta din tatueringsupplevelse.




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For 10+ Years We Have Been Creating Tattoo Machines and Needle Cartridges Customized Solution.

More than 98.5% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend ABC over time.

Solong Products Customized Solution

Get the exacting tattoo machines’ specifications and requirements without sweating. Solong Tattoo Supply is a tattoo supply manufacturer & supplier that’s not only servicing also cater to custom-made machines and tattoo needle cartridges, PMU machines, PMU needles and more. Contact our experts today and learn more about our customized solutions.

Why Solong Tattoo is the Best Tattoo Supply Choise

Wide Selection

Solong Tattoo Supply, as the manufacturer of Pro Tattoo Machine, Tattoo Cartridges, provide a wide selection of products catering to different applications and professional requirements.

Fast Delivery

All Solong tattoo supply machines, needle cartridges and accessories with a fast delivery service. Fast shipping means early sale and more opportunity you’ll gain.

Exceptional Engineering

Solong Tattoo adopts advanced manufacturing technology, and professional R&D team researching the market trends which made our products more competitive in design and function.

Golden Standards

The reason that Solong products are so popular comes from the strict requirement and standard to manufacturing procedure. Our company is certified under the international quality management standard of ISO9001.2015

Fully Certificated

The machines and needles cartridges are fully certificated by Authority. The sterilize Report, CE test report,FDA,MSDS,etc. So there’s no hassle for your import need. And we have sufficient experience to handle custom issues.

Warranty Coverage

All the equipment, needles, inks and other accessories you got from Solong Tattoo, we provide 12-month warranty policy. You can request returns and refunds as long as the conditions adhere to our policy.

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